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Issues with Zoho email.
Issues with Zoho webmail. If you're using Zoho email, you've probably been sent an alert that they've had some issues resulting in them being temporarily unable to guarantee the reliability of thei [more]
Introducing Zoho Webmail
Necessary changes to the way we manage your email accounts. Due to recent changes to Gmail, forwarding email to free Gmail accounts is no longer recommended. It's been a great way to handle emai [more]
Stuff You Should Read
Stuff You Should Read - October 18 Stuff you should read is a collection of links gathered over the past few weeks that our clients may find very useful.   Each link contains a brief description [more]
Getting the Potential Patient’s Home Adress “Automated Style”
New Feature Tying the email campaign to the Web Form to automate follow-up. This post shows you how to set up and use the email campaign with the web form to ask the potential patient for their ho [more]
The Fastest Way Ever to send New Patient Paperwork
How to get New Patient Paperwork out in "10 Seconds" flat. This post shows you how to quickly set up and use the Gmail "Labs" canned text feature to get paperwork to the New Patient, along with in [more]
How to Make Gmail Act More Like Outlook
Installing and Using the Gmail Notifier Software. This software puts a notification envelope in your task bar, and makes Gmail the default program to open when clicking mailto: links.  It's an es [more]
How to Use Your Professional Email Addresses Inside Gmail
Using the Gmail "Send As" Feature. This post shows you how you can consolidate everything into one inbox, yet send email from any address that you own. This is a Huge time-saver (more…) [more]