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This is where you can place new orders, or contact support.

Advanced (1)
Putting it all together
Email List (2)
How to use your email lists.
Getting Started (5)
What to do First
Menus / Navigation (2)
All about the Nagivation Menus
Pages (2)
Posts (1)
What to Do First
This video shows you what to do first.  It explains how to log into support to open tickets,...
Edit Pages
How to edit pages on your site. Edit Pages Video Tutorial
Basic Templates
This tutorial covers the basic use of templates from the Pages or Posts section of the...
Custom Sidebars
This tutorial uses the Custom Sidebar 1 template, along with the Custom Sidebar 1 menu, to make a...
Sending Us Your Front Page Images
This tutorial will show you where to find and how to send us your front page images.Click her for...

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