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Necessary changes to the way we manage your email accounts.

Due to recent changes to Gmail, forwarding email to free Gmail accounts is no longer recommended.

It’s been a great way to handle email in the past, since almost all of our clients were already using Gmail, but Google has made software changes that can result in significantly delayed emails (sometimes more than 24 hours). This can result in receiving an email at 5:00 PM for an online appointment your patient wanted in the morning.

* All ChiroLoop clients need to read this.

We are now providing the option of integrating your email accounts with the Zoho mail client. Zoho provides enterprise class email hosting which is secure, clean, fast, ad-free, and comes with with powerful features and control not found in free Gmail. On top of that, your mail will be directed to your account at the domain level, meaning no forwarding, no POP and no IMAP. Just straight-to-your-account without passing GO.


This is the inbox - Click for larger image.
This is the inbox – Click for larger image.


New Features:

On top of that, you will be able to control access to the user accounts, including the ability to enable or disable employee access on their smart phones with the push of a button. You can give employees access to the user accounts of choice, and even allow more than one user to manage different addresses, all while maintaining ownership of every address.

The features are too many to list here, but they include Android and iPhone apps to sync your accounts with your phones, ridiculously easy importing of your Gmail contact list, desktop notifications, user aliases, document tools, and file sharing.

A professional login screen - Click for larger image.
A professional login screen – Click for larger image.

This is a fully hosted solution, meaning you will not even need to contact ChiroLoop to add email addresses and users. As long as the address ends in, you can add the address in the Zoho control panel, and your new address is ready to use immediately.

Image of the compose screen - Click for larger image.
Image of the compose screen – Click for larger image.

What to Do:

We will set up your account, integrate it with our servers, and deliver it to you ready-to-go.

Keep in mind, you still have the option of leaving things the way they are, or using a different client such as Gmail Apps for Work if you just can’t bear the thought of anything but Gmail, but Zoho provides business class email hosting with a super clean interface, powerful features, it’s free, it’s fast, and it’s what we recommend.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to send us a message, or leave a note in the comments below. If you want us to sign you up, please contact support.



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