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1 New Theme & 2 Theme Re-Codes

I have re-coded the “Clean” layout and the “Stripes” layout, and added a brand new one called “Impact.”

Why is it called Impact?

I don’t know. I needed to pick a name, and that’s the one I picked. But seriously, I just made it up. :)

It uses really big background images that scroll over the top of each other, so that’s just what came to mind when I looked at it. If anybody has a suggestion for a better name just let me know. I’ll happily change it.

And yes! I already know one of you jokers is going to tell me to name it “Flatulence” or something like that. The email I get on Fridays is so different than Mondays.

 So what’s the deal with the re-coding of the “Clean” layout and the “Stripes” layout?

I wanted the users (you) to be able to do more stuff with it. With the new code, I’m able to open more of it up to you with less fear that you’ll break your site. Now you’ll be able to change the text on the front page of your site whenever you feel like it, without having to know any code.

You can also change the colors yourself with a built-in customizer. You can click “customize” and a side-bar will open giving you a ton of additional options, but also, you’ll have more control over what kind of stuff goes in your footer or other areas of your site.

Because so many of our clients’ sites are customized, there is no way to automate the process. It also means I can’t just have a support person do it. I’ll be doing the conversions myself. This means that it won’t happen overnight, but it should all be done in the next couple of weeks, and possibly sooner.


  1. If you want to switch to the “Impact” theme (soon to be renamed hopefully) please let me know. Here’s a link to the demo
  2. Otherwise, I’ll be sending you an email when you’re site has been converted to my new code. It will look the same on the font-end, but you’re going to love the changes on the back-end.

As a matter of fact, here is a video:




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