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stuff you should readStuff You Should Read – October 31st


Stuff you should read is a collection of links gathered over the past few weeks that you may find very useful.   Each link contains a brief description, so you won’t waste your time if you’re not interested.


Here you go:


This is an article that would be great info for your patients who have kids in athletics. If you treat athletes, especially teenagers, sending this out in your newsletter will let those parents know you’re looking out for their kids.

Making kids quit all sports except one, and forcing them to specialize can lead to burn out, injury, and quitting altogether.
The Race to Nowhere In Youth Sports


Here is an article from Copyblogger that talks about the right way to set up the “About” page on your site. About pages can be king of boring, fail to connect, and lead to people just moving on instead of picking up the phone.  It happens because we all just kind of copy everybody else’s about page without really thinking about what we’re trying to do.
This is the right way to do it.


Facebook adds for chiropractors can be tricky.  Some people swear they get patient’s from it, while others say it’s a waste of time and money.  You’ll never know until you test it in your local area, but even then, it won’t work if you do it wrong.  This is by no means a comprehensive article about Facebook marketing, but it does have some great tips.
Facebook Ads: Lessons From the Trenches


Have you ever thought about using Pay Par Click advertising through Google Ad Words.  If you’re on the fence, this might convince you to pull the trigger and test it.

Why PPC Advertising Is the ROI Rock Star of Search Engine Marketing


Do you wish you had more time, or the will, to publish more of your expertise on your blog, or guest posts articles, or write for local newsletters, but don’t have the time.  This might help.

30 Minutes a Day: The Power of Daily Habits in Successful Content Marketing (and Life)


This last one has nothing to do with websites, but I thought you might enjoy it.  Some researchers are saying we only gave olfactory cells their name because we found them in the nose first, but it’s not clear if that’s their evolutionary origin.  They’re now finding them in all parts of the body, including the skin, lungs, and other organs, and say these molecular sniffers might be the holy grail to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Smell Turns Up in Unexpected Places


If you liked this “Stuff You Should Read” post, feel free to add it to your “Buffer.”  Not sure what that means?  I’ll fill you in next week.


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