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stuff you should readStuff You Should Read – April 2, 2015

Stuff you should read is a collection of links gathered over the past few weeks that you may find very useful.   Each link contains a brief description, so you won’t waste your time if you’re not interested.


Here you go:

1This is a very basic article about local SEO. Most of you already have your business listed in Google Local, and have spent the time, or paid someone to spend the time, to get citations in at least the most important directories.  BUT… many have not requested the schema markup or the “Review Us” page that we can set up for you. If you do read the article, you’ll see that “Add Schema Markup” and “Get Reviews” are items three and four.

SEO 101: Getting Started In Local SEO (from scratch)


2This is another post on the Moz Blog with some info on local link building. Most of these types of articles seem to rehash the same old thing, but I like this one. You can scroll through the list of “11 Ways” to get local links, and under each one is a more specific strategy and sometimes an actual example. It should definitely give you some new ideas.

11 Ways for Local Businesses to Get Links


3Cool Tool:

For income, age, lifestyle and population density of any particular area, Zip Tapestry is a website tool that allows you to just type in a zip code and have quick demographic info at your finger tips.

Zip Tapestry


4I had to put in a link to this. I’m guilty of two of these mistakes. I have said both “First come, first serve” and “One in the same” both of which are not correct. This is a fun article. Oh! And there’s a tool here you can use to cross reference your blog posts to check them for errors that spell check would never find.

20 Embarrassing Phrases Even Smart People Misuse


5Also, don’t forget to check the post I put up a couple of weeks ago that explains a quick way to find out who is really visiting your site


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