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readStuff You Should Read – October 18

Stuff you should read is a collection of links gathered over the past few weeks that our clients may find very useful.   Each link contains a brief description, so if you won’t waste your time if you’re not interested.

Today’s post includes links to:

  • A study you may want to send to your patients
  • 9 Gmail tips
  • Awesome Google Local Rankings Tips you can do TODAY
  • Bing Authorship
  • Tons of Chiropractic graphics for Facebook


Here you Go:


A cool study about chiropractic that you might want to include in your newsletter or blog so all of your patient’s see it and send you more referrals.

Go Here


9 Tips and Tools to Get the Most Out of Gmail  (Hint:  The customized email addresses are perfect for keeping track of separate marketing efforts)

Go Here


Here are some things you can do TODAY to help your Google Local rankings

Go Here


Bing (the search engine nobody uses) has teamed up with Klout to do their own version of Google Authorship.  This article tells you how you can set it up.

Go Here


Matthew Loop is selling 365 Chiropractic Graphics.  They’d be good for posting to Facebook.  You could set them up on Hootsuite so 1 graphic would post every day, and then you could set it and forget it.  To save you some time I’ll tell you right now he’s asking $197 for all the graphics.  You can see the details, as well as some sample graphics here:  Go Here.

If you’re not sure how to use Hootsuite to schedule facebooks posts let me know, and I’ll put together a video and post it on the ChiroLoop blog and in the knowledge center of the support area.



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