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The Affiliate Program.

For those of you who still don’t know about this, or who have forgotten, I wanted to remind you that ChiroLoop has an awesome affiliate program.

What is it?

If you refer a person to ChiroLoop, 25% of their monthly fee goes into your account. 

And yes, if you marketed this way as a chiropractor, it would be completely illegal.  Fortunately, this is a completely legitimate and increasingly popular form of marketing in other industries. 

  • So if you referred two people, and each of them paid $69.00 per month, you would get $34.50 credited to your account each month. 
  • If you referred four people, you would have $69.00 credited to your account each month, and you would literally have our service completely free. 
  • You don’t have to stop there either.  If you referred five or more, you would actually make money each month.  There is no upper limit.

Imagine if a colleague asked you what you pay for your website service, and you told them that you actually get paid $200.00 per month by your website company.  Huh??

Why do we do it?

It’s an alternative to paid advertising.  Although we do pay for some advertising, instead of spending gobs of money on $17.00 per click AdWords campaigns, and passing the cost along to our customers, we let people who already like us send us their friends, and then we pay them instead of Google.  It reduces wasted overhead expenses, and allows us to provide our service without the huge markup.

When a customer pays a competitor a $700 set-up fee, and then $95 per month with the first quarter due at signup, they have to pay $1000.00 up-front!  That’s with a long-term contract and no money back guarantee.  They need an up-front wad of cash to keep their cash flow positive.  We don’t need the huge markup because our marketing model is different.

How to take advantage

You really don’t need to do anything other than tell a friend.  You don’t need them to sign up from a special link or anything weird like that.  Any legitimate referral counts.  It’s as simple as sending us an email saying “Hey, that Doctor Smith who signed up last week…  I referred him.”  If Doctor Smith confirms it, then it counts.

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